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Articles and Interviews

Michael is a guest lecturer at various academic institutions, he is a recognised CBT supervisor and trainer and he also review articles in the field of  CBT.  Dr. Zivor spoken languages are  Hebrew and English Dr. Zivor initiated the translation of the British book series: How to deal with worry, overweight, shyness and social anxiety, childhood traumas, insomnia

מחקר חדש 2024

טיפול קבוצתי בחולי לונג קוביד

  • Zivor, M., et al. (2019). The Imposter Syndrome among patients with Social Anxiety. in progress

  • Mula, T., Zivor, M., et al. (2019). The Imposter Syndrome and Narcissistic Traits Among Patients with Social Anxiety and other Anxiety Disorders. in progress.

  • Zivor, M., Salkovskis, PM & Oldfield V. (2013). If formulation is the heart of cognitive behavioral therapy, does this heart rule the head of CBT therapists? The Cognitive Therapist, (6).

  • Zivor, M., Salkovskis, P., Oldfield, V. & Kushnir, J. (2013) Formulation in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Aligning therapists' perceptions and practice. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice. June, 1111.

  • Zivor, M. (2011). How to Apply Protocol Based Therapy to the Real Clinical World. The Israeli Psychological Society Website.

  • Zivor, M., Salkovskis, PM & Oldfield, V. (2011). Do we need to formulate with our OCD patients. Psicoterapia Cognitiva E Comprotamental, 17, 359-368.

  • Radjoe, M., Betteridge, S. & Zivor, M. (2007) Music therapy and psychology: a joint approach. In Twyford & Watson (Ed). Integrated Team Working: Music therapy as part of Transdisciplinary and Collaborative Approach.

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